About us

Limited liability company REPO s.r.o. Rousínov was founded in May 1993.

Our leading program consists in production and sale of remedial aids for disabled children and adults.

Approximately 10 employees are involved in the production; all of them regard their work as beneficial and helpful for handicapped people. We started with one type of pram and during our 14-year work we have diversified and extended our assortment to 25 products at present.


Our company manufactures and delivers rehabilitation aids and special furniture for the handicapped, including accessories. We strive to accommodate all those who need individual adjustments by manufacturing "tailor-made" aids, if required.  We also provide counselling, mail-order service and we engage in recycling and guarantee and post-guarantee repairs.

We have contracts to deliver aids made with all national health insurance companies. The aids and devices are supplied against vouchers (see menu item “Vouchers”).

Delivery period: 1 – 4 weeks

When we launch new products, we always derive our innovations based on experience acquired from parents, tutors and those who look after disabled children as well as adults. As we keep in touch with them, the development of new products and improvements is an on-going process.

Products in action