The jacket enables children enjoy safe movement in water. The surface fabric is waterproof in several phosphoric shades which enhances good visibility of children in water. A collar round the neck prevents child’s head from getting submerged in water. Children are fixed by means of belts (fitting closely around the chest) and “panties” with belts that prevent children from slipping out of the jacket.

The jacket is recommended by doctors of Brno Children Hospital for water rehabilitation. It has been proved during swimming lessons designed to train pupils with severe handicaps in the town of Blansko.

It is supplied in the following sizes:

  • life jacket for the smallest  (c. 15kg of weight)
  • life jacket “A”   (c. 30 kg of weight)
  • life jacket “B”   (c. 40 kg of weight)
  • life jacket “C”   (c. 60 kg of weight)
  • life jacket “DALLAS” (c. 90 kg of weight)

Before you purchase the vest, we strongly recommend choosing and testing it properly.
For hygienic reasons it is impossible to return the jacket, once purchased.