1 946,00 Kč

It is used at the positioning devices type KUBA. It is a rocking device which serves as a labile surface which enables the child to change body position in regular rhythm. For an apedal handicapped patient it means facilitation of the locomotive organs and mental relaxation. By its healthy effects it can be classified as labile surfaces which are commonly used in physiotherapy as e.g. sensomotor training on a ball.

By fixing KUBA into the so called profile, braking the wheels and turned each other abreast and by fixing the mobile construction of KUBA to the cradle with the tightening bands, a firm connection of both parts will be reached. For better stability we lower the seat to its minimum level.  In this position the possibility of overturning should not exist, in spite of this we recommend that an adult and responsible person is present.

Délka 1 400 mm
Šířka 560 mm