Rehabilitation buggy REVO 2
Rehabilitation buggy REVO 2
Rehabilitation buggy REVO 2
Rehabilitation buggy REVO 2


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26 085,32 Kč
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REVO 2 is a positioning rehabilitation buggy for children aged 18 months to 6 years. Children usually show interest in lively movement; they are restless, they need to change their position continuously while seated. Their need to move is limited by the dimensions of the buggy. We do our best to accommodate all children by maximum adjustability of the seat which enables seated child to change positions and which makes it possible to adjust the centre of gravity both under or above child’s body centre so that children can reach as far as they can with their small arms.  

Children with reduced mobility who are not able to change their position themselves must be enabled to do so externally. Frequent position changes relieve children of pain, stimulate them to higher activity and prevent risk of injuries associated with longer strain of certain parts of the body and prevent occurrence of bruises or contusions.

In addition to that, better care for the child from a mental point of view is an important factor, too.  The design of the buggy enables the child to watch its environment actively in the driving direction or to have visual contact with the child minder. It is desirable that child minders learn how to operate the buggy correctly; however, this can be achieved soon because it is neither demanding nor difficult.

We are ready to make individual adjustments of the buggy (code 0135300/07) (modification of the width and depth of the seat, width and height of the backrest, adjustment of the handle and other) to accommodate your child’s needs and as agreed with the child minder.

The buggy can be folded into transportation position. Since the buggy is designed for a whole-day use providing maximum comfort for the baby, it is not advisable to fold and unfold it more times during the day (more time demanding compared with buggies used only for short-term stay and transportation).


REVO 2 is designed to enable positioning of the depth and angle of the seat. Thanks to this, the buggy enables comfortable sitting or lying.

Besides that, a stabilization orthose for sitting may be supplied as extra attachment (see Accessories).

Basic version includes:

  • Padding
  • Safety horizontal bar
  • Handle
  • Legrest
Carrying capacity 45 kg
Total length 1100 mm
Total height 900 mm
Maximum width 625 mm
Weight 20 kg
Seat width 400 mm
Seat depth 300-400 mm
Backrest height 550 mm
Backrest angle 90–180°
Maximum bed length 1100 mm
Wheel diameter 250 mm
Surface treatment Ekolak varnish - optional colours
Length 670 mm
Width 610 mm
Height 390 mm